Sep 20, 2011

Chrysanthemums- did you know?

Chrysanthemums- one of the most beautiful autumn flower! You see them in every park, garden, or flower shop in this time of year, but i bet there are things u did'nt knew about these magnificent flowers! ;)
Am I right?

*The name comes from the greek words
"chrysos anthemon" which means "Golden flower" ?

*In the Feng Shui filosophy, the
Chrysanthemums are known as flowers that bring happiness and joy?

Chrysanthemum flowers symbolizes immortality and perfection?

*In ancient China and Japan, the
Chrysanthemums were the simbol for royalty?

*Nowdays, the
Chrysanthemum is the national flower of Japan and the logo of the Royal Family?

*On Christmas, the germans adorn their houses with
White Chrysanthemum flowers, celebrating in this way the Baby Jesus Birth?

*Because of the shape and colour, the
Chrysanthemum is a simbol of the sun?

*In Malta, the
Chrysanthemums are asociated with the Day of all Saints, and this is why they have the belive that those flowers will bring bad luck if they are kepted in the house?

Sep 15, 2011

Autumn arrangements

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As i said, i'll try to give you a few examples for autumn arrnagements for your home.

Sep 12, 2011

Arrangements for your home


Because we saw your interest for us, and we thank you for that, we will like to suggest you another type of arrangements. Arrangements for your Home. If you tooked our advices for your wedding, we are pleased to tell you more how you can give life to your Home now. In this chapter we will come with tips for floral arrangements, flowerpots and why not, with tips for your garden.

We're hoping that we're awakening your interest, and we'll keep in touch after your wedding too! :)


Sep 11, 2011

Feb 25, 2011

Wedding Chair Decorations

For that magical night to rise at your expectations, there are so many details that must not be neglected. The interior decoration for the room where the event will be celebrated is essential for the general appearance.

These wedding chair decorations can be attached to places of honor for the bride and groom...

 used as decor for foyer tables...


or clamped to folding chairs at an outside wedding.

Sometimes floral bouquets can decorate the altar or podium, then used again at the reception site after the ceremony.

Feb 21, 2011

The cascade wedding bouquet

After years of being out of fashion, the cascade style wedding bouquet is ready to be revisited with a fresh eye. Here are some ideas on fresh new ways to design an elegant style wedding bouquet.

Today's cascading bouquets are designed to highlight the natural beauty of the flowers. They can be a slight teardrop shape, or they can have elements that trail all the way down to the floor for the most dramatic effect.

For the most chic and elegant bouquets, choose exotic flowers such as orchids. Available in many gorgeous colors and a large range of sizes, orchids is ideal for a long cascading bouquet. Other popular flowers include roses, lilies, freesias or lisianthus.

 A cascade bouquet is very elegant when it is made with only one or two colors. This allows you to include other pretty additions, such as trailing vines or ribbons, without having a bouquet that is too busy looking.