Feb 21, 2011

The cascade wedding bouquet

After years of being out of fashion, the cascade style wedding bouquet is ready to be revisited with a fresh eye. Here are some ideas on fresh new ways to design an elegant style wedding bouquet.

Today's cascading bouquets are designed to highlight the natural beauty of the flowers. They can be a slight teardrop shape, or they can have elements that trail all the way down to the floor for the most dramatic effect.

For the most chic and elegant bouquets, choose exotic flowers such as orchids. Available in many gorgeous colors and a large range of sizes, orchids is ideal for a long cascading bouquet. Other popular flowers include roses, lilies, freesias or lisianthus.

 A cascade bouquet is very elegant when it is made with only one or two colors. This allows you to include other pretty additions, such as trailing vines or ribbons, without having a bouquet that is too busy looking.

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