Nov 17, 2010

Passion for Colors: Red

Red still stands for love, no matter how fashion seems to change. Red bridal bouquets are still one of the most popular. But, as times get more extravagant, it seems that red isn’t just a touch of color for the wedding day. It can become even the entire theme for the special event. From favors, wedding invitation, chair covers, floral arrangement, bouttonnierres or even the bridal gown! Yes, it may seem unusual, but it doesn’t matter if it’s ordinary or extraordinary, does it? Just be bold and pick the “redest red” for you! It’s your day! 

As for shades combinations, you may take into account the popular red&white duet, or even the more elegant red&black duet. Or use your imagination and make it a trio! Black and white is, no doubt, an elegant combination, and adding red will increase it’s fascinating effect. 

For colorful and vivid events, you may use red near to orange, yellow or green. Don’t use to many strong shades, just pick two of them (for example red and green) and add neutral shades of these colors for balance. 

And now, let’s enjoy some colorful, passionate inspiration:

Bridal Gown & Bridesmaids' Dresses

Red Bridal Bouquets

Reception decorations and Centerpieces

 Red Wedding Cakes

Cute red inspiration

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