Sep 24, 2010

The Meaning of Different Wedding Flowers

Ancestral significance of the bridal bouquet consists in the belief that the perfume will banish the evil spirits and will bring good luck and prosperity to the wearer. In ancient Rome, bride and groom both wore a wedding bouquet, which symbolized fertility the first steps in the new life.

Beyond flowers’ symbolism, here are some ideas of bridal bouquets that are known to have an important significance.

White Roses

Roses are probably the most common flowers at a wedding; even if roses are so popular, they can still give an original tint for the entire event. White symbolizes purity and innocence and it’s frequently associated with elegant events or traditional ones. Therefore, bridal bouquets made from white roses are perhaps the most popular nowadays, when grooms choose mostly simple and elegant themes for their wedding. 
Red Roses
 Red means passion, crazy, almost painful love. Red roses are internationally recognized as messengers of love. They are very popular when it comes to bridal bouquets, but still they are always elegant in a classic way. Red rose bouquets are perfect for a traditional wedding, but can match perfectly with a classic, elegant and even extravagant event. In the end, weddings are all about love. And so are the red roses. 

Yellow Roses

Yellow is an interesting color, especially when it’s used at a wedding. It symbolizes jealousy and possessiveness, but can also mean energy, happiness, enjoying life. The couple that chooses an yellow roses bouquet won’t allow anyone else around their love, they are exclusive, perhaps selfish, but truly a solid pair.  

Pink Roses

Pink is usually associated with innocent love, pure thoughts, care and attention for the beloved. It is also associated with some traditional patterns. This is why pink rose bouquets are joyful, somehow following the pattern, but always fresh and cute. 

Mixed color Roses
The most popular combination of colors for the rose bridal bouquets is red and white. This combination is still considered to be very elegant, giving a touch of distinction and nobility. A red and white rose bouquet is the best choice for a classical wedding, for an event that has style and which is rather elegant than extravagant. 

Lilies are also a suitable choice for a wedding. Lilies symbolize purity, beauty and elegance. It is known that lilies were the royal symbol in France. Therefore, a lily bouquet is the perfect choice for an elegant event and for a royal gown, for example. 

Carnations are considered to be an eccentric choice for the bridal bouquet. Carnations have different meaning, regarding the color (red carnations means instability, pink carnation means “I’ll never forget you”, yellow carnation means disdain). Carnations are not popular at all when it comes to weddings, mostly because they are considered to be kind of cheap… But we must admit that a carnation bridal bouquet is a bold choice!


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