Sep 28, 2010

The Meaning of Different Wedding Flowers (2)


Orchid wedding bouquets are always exotic, fresh, full of energy, but at the same time they can be very elegant. When I think of orchids, I think of pearls: they are special, unique, of a natural beauty and exotic. Orchid arrangements are perfect for a beach themed wedding, for example, but they can look astonishing in elegant, classical or extravagant designs. 

Calla Lilly

Calla Lilies are the perfect choice for refined and elegant events. Calla Lilies are charming and exclusive, mostly because they were not that popular at weddings until nowadays. They come in a beautiful variety of colors, so you can use them in color-themed events or you can match them with your gown. 


Many brides choose camellia flowers for their bouquets, mostly because these exotic and delicate flowers symbolize pure love and devotion. Tradition says that the couple should choose camellia bouquets and arrangement and the wedding will be blessed with good luck. 


Chrysanthemums are considered to be the symbol of truth and wisdom. They are a very good choice for every season and they can be mixed with other flowers to match many wedding themes. They can be found in compact arrangements or in slightly designs. You can pick from a large variety of colors and shapes. 


Freesia symbolizes friendship and innocence and it’s a combination of gentle and noble, like the flower itself. Its unique perfume and well-known shape makes freesia one of the most popular flowers for a wedding. Bridal bouquets’ designers often combine freesia with other flowers. There are also brides that choose bouquets made entirely with freesia. Such kind of bridal bouquet is perfect for a classic wedding, for a romantic gown or a rustic reception. 

Iris symbolizes faith and wisdom. It also means warmth of affection, prosperity, hope and inspiration. The word iris is Greek for 'rainbow'. It grows in hues from purples, blues to whites and yellows. Iris is the perfect choice for a rustic or a spring wedding and colorful arrangements. 


Tulips are simple and delicate flowers that symbolize perfect love. They are used especially for spring or early summer weddings. They are available in a large variety of colors and shapes. They are a fresh and original pick for the bridal bouquet, also individually or in combination with other flowers. 


Sunflowers are the symbol of loyalty and trust. Sunflower arrangements and bouquets are full of energy and happiness. They are perfect for rustic and colorful weddings. A sunflower wedding bouquet means trust and steadiness. It’s a chic and original choice. 

Wild Flowers

Wild flowers are always fresh, natural, they inspire freedom and happiness. A bridal bouquet made by wild flowers is nonconformist, original, exciting, out of the classical pattern and full of life! It is perfect for a couple that loves nature and for rustic events.

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