Oct 1, 2010

Wedding Themes: Calla Lily

Calla Lilies are really great looking and there are some brides who adore these flowers. Many may consider into having their entire wedding with this basic floral motif. We think that it’s a touch of elegance and extravagance in the same time! So, if you love calla lilies, you can pick them as your wedding theme and add some elegance to every detail of your event, starting, of course, with the bridal gown!
Wedding dress:
Vera Wang Calla Lily wedding dress:

San Patrick Wedding Dress Style Calla

Elegant Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

You can pick a long strained calla lily bridal bouquet or you can choose a smaller bouquet; no matter your choice, it will sure be an elegant bouquet! If you want to be really unique, pick a different color for your bouquet than the bridesmaids’. For example, the bridal bouquet can have a lighter or a darker shade. Or you can add to the bridesmaids’ bouquets other flowers.

The bridesmaids can have mixed bouquets, with calla lilies and other flowers, such as roses, plumeria, orchids or lilies. Mix colors and you’ll get a vibrant bouquet!

Let’s continues with a chic detail of the Calla Lily Themed Wedding:
Calla lily boutonnieres should use the same type of calla as in the bridal bouquet. Using the same type of calla lily for the groom and for the bridal bouquet will create the perfect picture for the perfect day: a happy couple, harmony and unity!

Wedding arrangements: 

For your themed wedding to be perfect, keep the same style for the arrangements, too. You can use the same color for the table arrangements, for example, and for the reception. But don’t forget to add some energy using small, creative and elegant details:

Wedding accessories

Here are some ideas for a calla lily themed wedding, regarding small details that make the big picture perfect. You may consider using sweet calla lilies, made of chocolate or colored sugar, as favors for your guests. Of you can use natural calla lilies to decorate the favors.

And we keep for the end something very sweet.

Wedding cake

The wedding cake will look astonishing with some colorful calla lilies on it (sweet or natural)! 

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