Oct 18, 2010

Wedding Themes: Orchid

Elegant, exotic, colorful… Orchids seem to be the perfect flowers for your dream wedding. They remind you of holidays, of some sunny beach, so orchid arrangements will fit just perfect in a nonconventional event, which takes place in the garden, for example. Orchids come in a large variety of shapes, colors and sizes, so you can use you imagination and create some original orchid arrangements for an elegant reception, using white phalaenopsis, for example. Pick small, colorful orchids, in yellow or pink shades, and give some energy to your wedding! Just play with these amazing flowers and pick what suites you best: large, impressive, elegant and extravagant arrangements, or small, colorful, nonconventional and simple decorations.  

Bridal Bouquets

But let’s start with the beginning: here are some impressive orchid bridal bouquets, which you may use as an inspiration for your entire event.


As for the groom, here are some interesting boutonnieres. Match this boutonniere with you bridal bouquet and you’ll be just the perfect pair! 

Invitations and Favors

If you pick orchids as your wedding theme, add this idea to you invitations and favors. A simple, elegant drawing or an artificial orchid attached to the invitation’s envelope will send the perfect message to your guests. As for the favors, you can pick small candles, sweet cookies, an elegant corsage or orchid-shaped soap flakes. 


When it comes to centerpieces, nothing is impossible. You can use impressive orchid arrangements or simple, small bowls. No matter your choice, don’t mix too many types and colors. Pick two or three main colors and match them with other decorations at the reception (table cloth, chair covers and so on). And don’t forget, small details make a difference!

The Wedding Cake

Last, but not least, the cake! Don’t let your cake out of the story. Use some natural arrangements for it, made by the same type of orchids that can be found in your bridal bouquet or in the centerpieces. You can also decorate your cake with sugar-made orchids. In this case, your imagination can run free! Use any color you think suites your event best!  

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