Oct 11, 2010

Shoe Fleur, inspiration for a special event

Dear bride, we don’t expect you to wear shoes made by flowers. But you can use Michel Tcherevkoff’s ideas and you can be sure you will have an original wedding. You can place these special shoes as centerpieces or you can offer them to your guests as favors. Or, if the budget is not that “shoe fleur friendly”, you can use it as a proof you were “stolen”. The happy “thief of the bride” will show this shoe to the groom. Or you can use it if you choose Cinderella Story as your wedding theme.

Now, something about the creator: one day, Michel Tcherevkoff was shooting an advertisement for cosmetics in New York. The image of a leaf was over a table and, with a quick glance, the photo called his attention and Michael thought to himself: “Hey! That looks like a shoe!”. He continued this idea and the still life images made up a catalogue “Shoe Fleur: a footwear fantasy”, that earned him exhibits in the Art and Design Museum in New York and the Virtual Shoe Museum.

So let’s take a look to the Shoe Fleur!

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