Oct 25, 2010

Passion for Color: Purple

Let’s start our colorful journey with this popular shade: purple! Until recently, purple was a bold pick for the bridal bouquet or for other arrangements. But nowadays, there’s nothing extravagant in having a purple centerpiece or wedding cake.  It’s nothing unusual to see a bride with a purple dress, for example. And we are happy that things turned out to be so… purple! 

You can combine your favorite purple shade with white, silver, grey, light green, yellow or black. Play with different shades and combinations and pick that one that suits you best! Here are some cute ideas for your purple wedding:

Bridal Bouquets

Boutonnieres and Bridesmaids’ Bouquets

 Some purple inspiration for the reception


  1. Ohhhhhh Awesome,.. ^_^
    this is my fav. colour,..

  2. what type of flower is used in bridal boquet the very first picture ? i like it!!

  3. Allison, in the first bouquet is used lisianthus.