Jan 23, 2011

Feather Wedding Bouquet

For those brides that are planning a modern-vintage chic look for the big wedding, we suggest this gorgeous ideas of feather wedding bouquet. 

In general, this  accessory is used for vintage-fan brides that are planning an old style wedding. Nowadays, there are more and more couples who decide to adopt this precious style for their own wedding. The feathers simply add some glamour style, elegance and refinement to any conventional bouquet and makes the whole gown look more romantic.

Any bride who wants to look ultra elegant, refined and delicate will choose to use white or black feathers. You can always combine the white feathers with black ones or other colors in order to obtain a more dramatic, imposing, bold and contrasting effect.



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  1. wow! I like a lot the first one! Very nice the other ones, too.