Jan 12, 2011

Floral handbags

Every bride dreams to have the most original wedding.
But the modern bride is not tied to traditional floral styles and can be creative. There are many alternatives to the traditional bouquet and the modern bride can choose  something different such as floral handbags. This modern handbags can be crafted almost entirely from flowers. The top can be decorated your choice of blossom, the handle can be created from exquisite glass beads, peals, complementary ribbon, or flax.
The overall effect is a unique  and stunning creation that will complement the bride.

The weeding bouquet is only you can have  one time in your life and it add the gaiety of the bride. So, choose your favorite flower or color for your precious wedding bouquet!


  1. You've made me feel like spring now! Very nice!

  2. Hai...
    I recently used Bella Flora for my wedding flowers and could not have been happier!! Clare was so easy to work with and she had wonderful ideas to use when certain flowers were not available